• New Sponsor: XX2i

    We are so excited to announce the newest Iowa Gravel Series sponsor, a brand we personally use and love–XX2i. The good folks at XX2i have been providing sunglasses for over a decade. It’s eyewear that looks great and is designed for athletes.

  • How to order your 2022 Iowa Gravel Jerseys

    We worked with Iowa native cycling apparel company BikeRags to design and produce a custom jersey for the Iowa Gravel Series. They’re on sale now for pre-order!

  • 2022 Silver City Results are live!

    The results for the 2022 Silver City 100K and 50K race are live and we’re more than just […]

  • How to get from Glenwood to the Archeological State Preserve

    If you’re staying in Glenwood at an AirBnB or at the Glenwood Lake Park campground, there’s a nice […]

  • Route Dilemmas

    Race directors have to make decisions and trade-offs all the time. But some decisions are not just trade-offs, […]

  • 2021 Strava Segments

    Each race in the series has a number of Strava Segments that we pick out as either especially difficult or uniquely positioned in the race to provide some novelty. We post these segments with the route release the Wednesday before the race.

  • Waukon 100 preview

    I had some time and saw a nice break in the weather, so I drove out to Waukon yesterday to test the route. Get all the details in this post and a few tips in the videos.

  • How to share photos from a race

    We don’t charge you for the photos, it’s part of your registration. And, we encourage you to share your photos from the day with everyone else! Here’s how to get and share pictures from a race.

  • What to pack on a gravel race?

    Knowing what to pack for a race is important, especially when you’re new to the sport. There are some basics and there are “luxury” items and at some point you’ll have to draw a line between what you choose to pack with you and what you won’t. But, just in case you need a list to review as you’re making these choices, here’s one for you…

  • No Racing on the Trace

    The last 3 miles of the Silver City Century are on the Wabash Trace. Known as “the trace” […]