Cyclists riding through a canyon on gravel bicycles.

Gravel that hasn’t forgotten grassroots

There area a lot of options when it comes to riding and racing your



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Preparation Pisgah

August 19th, 2023

Glenwood Gravel

September 16th, 2023

We 💚 volunteers!

There are a number of ways to volunteer on an Iowa Gravel Series event. The descriptions below are roughly in the order we try to get the roles filled out, but you’re welcome to sign up for any role on the list you feel interested in.

Every volunteer gets:

  • A t-shirt (we have sizes small to extra-large)
  • A free meal from our post-race food provider
  • Any of the free “shwag” or stickers we give to racers
  • If you’d like a free registration for a race, we’ll hook you up!

Aid Station

Our 100km course generally have 2 aid stations. Aid stations are a great way to see all the racers and help folks out. Each aid station has a table, 5 gal drink containers and some food. On hot days or on exposed sections of the course we can often provide a pop-up tent to keep the sun off of you. Your job is to setup the station, help racers fill up their bottles, get food, and cheer folks on as they race by!

Sweeper / Support Vehicle

Sweepers are usually in a truck or vehicle with a bike rack. The sweeper’s job is to follow up the end of the race and make sure everyone has finished and pickup the signs we place on the course. On occasion racers will need support or help getting back to the finish line, so having a vehicle that can hold a couple bikes and a few racers is best.


We usually have two check-in times; Friday the night before the race and on Saturday morning before the race. We have a laptop that we give you to check racers in and then you give them their bib and other “shwag” we have for folks (like t-shirts). It’s another way to get to meet everyone on the race and make a great experience for everyone.


Some of our races are in remote areas and we don’t always have mobile device coverage. But, if you’re an Amature Radio (HAM) operator or you know one, we’d love your skills and help! We often place HAMs at aid stations or at points where we might be concerned for safety.


Good photos do so much! They help capture the feel of an event and help us remember the great (and sometimes difficult) times on a race. We always have 1 or 2 paid photographers on our races. Occasionally we have volunteer photographers and we’re happy to invite anyone to take and share pictures of the event. If you’re interested in photographing one of our events, please reach out and share your portfolio with us!

How to sign-up


If any of these sound like fun, reach out to us using the form below and we’ll get back to you!