Glenwood Superbloom

Glenwood Superbloom

September 21st, 2024

The Glenwood Gravel Grinder is the one the started it all! And we aim to make this a great day in the saddle for everyone. But to do that… we have to focus on the areas where we want to improve. Much like structured workouts, you have to focus on one thing and one thing only to make the change you want to see in yourself. That’s why we’re excited for 2024. Here’s Julie Borer, founder of Prairie Bloom Cycling Club, to explain…

2024 Superbloom

If you google the definition of a superbloom, you’ll find that it’s a rare phenomenon occurring in the deserts of California and Arizona with an unusually high number of wildflowers that bloom at once!

But we aren’t in the desert, not even close. Here in the midwest, we have a superbloom in our own backyard. It’s a time when our prairies morph into a sea of native flowers that demand we take note. They are quite a sight to behold! 

Glenwood Superbloom, a women’s gravel race, derives its name from this rare phenomenon. A very fitting name for a first-of-its-kind race in the midwest (taking inspiration from our friends at The Dusty Bandita). It’s also a nod to Prairie Bloom Cycling Club (PBCC), a women’s club and race team based in Omaha, Nebraska.

PBCC is proud to partner with the Iowa Gravel Series, a race series we’ve raced and supported over the past few years, and who have shown equal support for us too!

Time and time again we’ve shown up to start lines where there might only be a handful of women in a sport dominated by men. We hope to change that by providing a welcoming environment for all women, regardless of skill level or race aspirations. If you’ve raced in the Loess Hills, you already know they’re some of the prettiest roads, but also some of the most challenging (in the best way). If you haven’t experienced this part of the country, you should see it for yourself! 

We are up for the challenge, and we’re betting you are too!

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50 km100 km
DateSept. 21st, 2024Sept. 21st, 2024
Start time8:00AM7:30AM
Distance50 km / 31 mi100 km / 62 mi
Elevation~ 1800 ft~ 3400 ft

2023 Results

The 100km race had a course change in the middle of the race due to weather. The 50km distance was completed with no weather impact.

Women’s 100KM
1.1205Bender, TheresaThe Bikeway3:38:52
2.1264Pietsch, LisaNXGG4:33:27
3.1199Young, Shawna4:36:50
4.1173Story, KristineGirlsGetGritty5:04:15
5.1195Leonard, Lori5:18:17
6.1220Fong, HannahPrarie Bloom Cycling Club5:19:03
7.1164Prochaska, Emily6:23:52
DNF1151Bowery, NancyLimestoners
Men’s 100KM
1.1158Wait, Jonathan3:06:03
2.1266Bumgarner, LeeGood Life Racing3:07:07
3.1216Huisenga, Joel3:09:31
4.1262Wilson, JakobRELENTLESS3:09:33
5.1206Loewens, TravisThe LORDT Fam p/b Neon Bananas3:14:04
6.1258Essay, Joshua3:14:09
7.1246Dix, MarkNorth Iowa Touring Club3:22:00
8.1268Bradley, Mason3:32:38
9.1299Jacob, Andrew3:33:21
10.1252Oldfield, BradOmaha Velo3:33:26
11.1194Dougherty, Brett3:38:46
12.1190Ralston, Casey3:41:45
13.1259Ertz, Dan3:57:41
14.1244Ryon, Joel4:05:30
15.1221Fong, GabrielTeam Stages4:05:30
16.1247Ullmann, Tim4:06:07
17.1170Hare, Mark4:08:59
18.1198Schmidt, Joe4:10:32
19.1242Widholm, Garrett4:12:30
20.1239Ryon, LukeGeoffs Bike and Ski4:14:46
21.1298Sorensen, Caleb4:22:16
22.1223Sorenson, Caleb4:22:18
23.1217Bauer, Jason4:22:18
24.1300Cauley, Jason4:32:41
25.1218Jordan, JonTeam Rule No. 94:34:44
26.1161Welk, Gregory4:45:54
27.1225Higginbotham, Sam4:49:07
28.1254Ramsey, ToddOmaha Velo/The Bike Way4:54:22
29.1234Frederick, TylerZCD4:54:23
30.1207Kline, Jared4:54:48
31.1176Collins, JoeOmaha Velo5:02:34
32.1224Smith, CraigNebraska Medicine Cycling Team5:03:11
33.330Turner, Jeff5:20:35
34.1177Levisay, Justin5:27:52
35.1178Levisay, John5:27:52
36.1229Jacob, Andrew5:29:24
37.1153Marley, John5:33:19
38.1183McCall, Benjamin5:55:34
39.1184Lolley, Trevor5:55:40
40.1152Vint, PatrickMagnum Thunder6:06:16
41.1165Monahan, Justin6:23:55
42.1253Zier, LarryLenny’s Zoo6:35:31
43.1174Robey, Clifford6:35:29
n.a.1169Evans, David
Open 50KM
1.485Parizek, Ricki3:20:08
Women’s 50KM
1.1227Knop, Kellie2:14:20
2.1249Mouw, Lindsay2:15:14
3.1228Knight Knaub, MaggieDivine Rebel Yoga2:25:08
4.1204Johnson, Rebecca2:52:01
5.1219Foley, ErinAdalucians4:08:11
Men’s 50KM
1.1226Ferguson, Dan2:04:45
2.1240Schnitker, Nicholas2:05:10
3.1267Clark, David2:06:18
4.1257Anderson, Denny2:14:21
5.1245Sullivan, Nolan2:15:14
6.1187Morton, Nathaniel2:16:08
7.1256Skoog, Todd2:23:39
8.1255Ferris, Jeffrey2:23:39
9.1238Hughes, TreyIronhawk Endurance2:25:09
10.1236Shorney, Marcus2:31:18
11.1235Ehlers, Clay2:31:19
12.1181Smith, Blake2:37:46
13.1233Davis, DrewHeavy Plowers2:43:02
14.1189Estabrook, Matt2:45:51
15.1208Lozer, Joe2:45:59
16.1200Filips, Steven2:46:40
17.1230White, Michael2:47:56
18.1203Clark, Mike2:49:36
19.1202Wells, RoganWogan2:50:17
20.489Pierson, Peter2:51:56
21.1241Mathis, James2:52:01
22.1263Castinado, Brock2:54:09
23.1209Kahrs, Josh3:09:20
24.1265McGinn, Jim3:49:16
25.1215Carlson, GaryAndalusians4:08:11
26.1222Whitlow, DannyAndalusians4:12:09
27.429Stultz, Paul4:12:40
28.1248Matejka, Michael4:12:39
29.1251Boling, ChrisBike SurgeOn4:43:08
DNF1196Polensky, Warren
DNF1197Polensky, Warren
n.a.1146Woelber, KarmenZoom Performance
n.a.422Johns, Ben
n.a.1147Lemon, Spencer
n.a.1148French, Dale
n.a.1159Jackson, CamdenAmes Velo
n.a.1160Jenner, Terry
n.a.1188Haskell, Paul
n.a.1191Garland, Matt
n.a.1211Evjen, Ben
n.a.1231Ensrud, Robert
n.a.1250Rokke, JohnMonkey Wrench Cycles

2023 Photos

We had an amazing 2023 race! Big congrats to our winners and to everyone that tackled the Loess Hills and the weather! It’s no small thing and you looked good doing it. Checkout all the photos here in our shared album!

Where to camp

Looking for some place to camp for the night before the race? We have a few suggestions.

2023 Routes

Event Day Map

Event Details

  • Sept. 15th

    6:00 to 8:00PM – Packet pickup; location TBD

  • Sept. 16th

    6:30AM – Check-in opens up

    7:30AM – 100km field starts

    8:00AM – 50km field starts

    8:30AM – First aid station opens

    9:30AM – Second aid station opens

    10:00AM – Sweeper truck starts

    2:00PM – SAG Support ends for the race

    11:00AM to 3:30PM – Showers available at the Mills County YMCA for $5

  • Week of Sept. 23th

    Photos and race results posted online