Glenwood Gravel Grinder

The Glenwood Gravel Grinder is the one the started it all! And we aim to make this the biggest and best race in the Iowa Gravel Series. The route is right in our backyard and we know these roads like the back of cycling gloves.

Thankfully we have some help from the Mills County Secondary Roads team to help make sure the courses are in tip-top shape and generally mother nature is kind and beautiful in the early fall here in Iowa (except for the 2022 race, but we don’t talk about that). It’s a great way to round out your season with a race and community that won’t disappoint.

We have podium prizes and finish line raffles, some great restaurant options, and a location that can’t be beat. So come have a great day in the saddle with us!

Glenwood Gravel Grinder

September 16th, 2023

50 km100 km
DateSept. 16th, 2023Sept. 16th, 2023
Start time8:00AM7:30AM
Distance50 km / 31 mi100 km / 62 mi
Elevation~ 1800 ft~ 3400 ft
PodiumRide onlyMen’s & Women’s

Where to camp

Looking for some place to camp for the night before the race? We have a few suggestions.

2022 Results

1.379Vinopal, Lauraf05:06:36
2.326Schroeder, AshleyfTrimarni05:27:34
3.393woelber, karmenfZoom Performance05:36:58
4.341Bowery, NancyfLimestoners05:55:06
1.461Lundgren, Joshuam03:17:25
2.400Johnson, BrianmNebraska Medicine Cycling Team03:20:17
3.359Wait, Jonathanm03:20:20
4.380Bumgarner, LeemGood Life Racing03:24:38
5.397Frey, JohnmGoodlife racing03:24:39
6.398Kiddoo, EanmHarvest Racing p/b Trek Bicycles03:26:55
7.404Anderson, JasonmSakari Sushi Lounge Race Team p/b Smart Honda03:27:49
8.349Loewens, TravismKISS Racing Team03:43:36
9.344Strominger, Joelm#LGB Racing03:46:40
10.384Corpuz, Crispinm03:48:49
11.373Fry, Davidm03:55:30
12.396Metz, Ethanm03:55:53
13.382Pilliard, Lowellm03:56:25
14.386Hopwood, BradymGood Life Racing03:58:08
15.465Koname, Arnaudm04:03:19
16.328Free, Tobym04:03:22
17.463Murphy, Shanem04:03:48
18.464Schoneman, Jacobm04:03:57
19.364Dougherty, Brettm04:07:11
20.360Mueller, Philm04:15:05
21.392Karras, Donm04:15:05
22.376Lepa, RyanmGood Life Racing04:26:03
23.369Reed, JordanmGood Life04:28:06
24.370Scott, Adamm04:30:32
25.365Frederick, TylermZCD04:34:13
26.342Criffield, ElimWacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men04:34:14
27.325Schroeder, ZachmTrimarni04:37:56
28.460McClain, Johnm04:42:36
29.391Cox, BradfordmTeam Sunny04:45:24
30.339Wagner, Timm04:47:36
31.361Harms, Scottm04:47:45
32.381Brudney, Jimm04:54:16
33.332Spaeth, Jasonm05:07:56
34.340Baker, Dillonm05:10:18
35.405Fong, Gabrielm05:10:22
36.348Clark, Davidm05:14:50
37.399Simpson, Justinm05:21:07
38.378Shepherd, Prestonm05:22:23
39.402Kavan, Michaelm05:30:11
40.403Kuncl, Adamm05:30:11
41.329Eschweiler, ToddmTeam Angry Beavers05:30:25
42.308Anderson, Jaredm05:30:41
43.401Polso, Juhanam05:35:47
44.272Marley, Johnm05:44:07
45.390Davis, DrewmHeavy Plowers05:53:23
46.367Acevedo, ManuelmAmes Velo05:53:57
47.333Noe, Svenm06:02:44
48.395Rieck, Russellm06:09:00
49.343Collins, Joem06:09:07
50.336Kroos, Harrym06:34:08
DNF327Johnson, Jacobm
1.462Shannon, Jenf02:40:22
2.445Tangeman, Jillf02:48:05
3.440Flynn, Emmaf03:22:13
4.459Fong, Hannahf03:22:14
5.458Hollister, BethfTenacious Ladies03:22:16
6.452Knight Knaub, Maggief03:25:15
7.446Kusleika, CarynfIronhawk Endurance03:25:17
8.415Knop, Kellief03:31:56
9.451Vargas, EunicefBase03:43:16
10.435Slechta, Theresef03:52:59
1.419Anderson, RandymSioux City Velo01:59:10
2.457Phillips, BrianmPhoenix Syndicate02:04:18
3.423Simanavicius, Arunasm02:14:29
4.456Hauter, Christianm02:26:02
5.426Hunter, Blakem02:28:53
6.417Routh, Chrism02:32:43
7.449Long, Toddm02:40:18
8.427Napierala, Chrism02:40:19
9.354Finan, Edm02:48:35
10.438Raines, Darronm02:49:56
11.356Kline, Jaredm02:53:45
12.450Hickle, Zacm03:03:06
13.416Culbertson, Lucasm03:08:00
14.436Swanson, RyanmFlint Hills Graveleurs03:08:06
15.437Swanson, NelsmFlint Hills Graveluers03:08:07
16.447Hughes, TreymIronhawk Endurance03:25:15
17.366Quintana, Kenm03:43:18
18.433Wear, Robertm03:53:10
19.362Mezzacappa, Frankm03:53:15
20.408Polensky, Warrenm03:56:36
21.424Watson, Markm04:06:59
22.421Carlson, Garymbrooks gang04:06:59
23.425Whitlow, Dannym04:07:00
24.406Stultz, PaulmBrooks Gang04:07:02
25.441Giles, Roym04:10:49
26.409Ten Kley, Montem04:12:41
27.434Grassman, ToddmQuixotic Racing05:34:49

2022 Routes

Event Day Map

Event Details

  • Sept. 15th

    6:00 to 8:00PM – Packet pickup available at Glenwood Lake Park. Look for us at the pavillions by the parking lot.

  • Sept. 16th

    6:30AM – Check-in opens up at Glenwood Lake Park, we’ll be at the South end of the lake on Lake Dr.

    7:30AM – 100km field starts

    8:00AM – 50km field starts

    8:30AM – First aid station opens

    9:30AM – Second aid station opens

    10:00AM – Sweeper truck starts

    2:00PM – SAG Support ends for the race

    11:00AM to 3:30PM – Showers available at the Mills County YMCA for $5

  • Week of Sept. 18th

    Photos and race results posted online

2022 Photos

We had an amazing 2022 race! Big congrats to our winners and to everyone that tackled the Loess Hills and the weather! It’s no small thing and you looked good doing it. Checkout all the photos here in our shared album!