Silver City Century

All of the rides on the Iowa Gravel Series are friendly to new and experienced riders; and Silver City is the perfect opener for the season. Not too hilly, not too flat, a few surprises, and an amazing community that loves cyclists and welcomes them everyday on the Wabash Trace. Not only that, but how many Iowa towns with a population of 250 people have a bike shop? Not that many… Go say “hi” to Mary at Happy Trails, she’s amazing!

We think Silver City is pretty special and we know you’re going to love the roads. So, come ride with us and start the season off with a great day in the saddle.

Silver City Century

May 18th, 2024

50 km100 km
Start time8:00AM7:30AM
Start locationDowntown Silver CityDowntown Silver City
Distance50 km / 31 mi100 km / 62 mi
Climbing elevationAbout 1600 ftAbout 3600 ft
Meal OptionAmerican LegionAmerican Legion
PodiumNo, ride onlyYes

What people are saying

Very well put on, super friendly staff and volunteers. The city itself was remote, beautiful and fun to see. I don’t know how you did it, but the weather was perfect too. Keep up the great work! I’ll be coming to more IA race series races in the future!


The event was well run. The course was excellent. The parking was easy. Overall it was just an easy and stress free way to race bikes. To me the Iowa Gravel Series events are like all the best parts of gravel. Low key and grass roots. The quality of the field at the front of the race was as good as any race I’ve done.


This race was amazing, from the race director to all the volunteers that helped, I had a blast. Course was great. Fast and the weather was perfect!!


This race is so great! It is well organized, a great course with such a great variety of terrain, clearly marked, and has aid stations and the perfect spots!

Small scale race atmosphere, well organized, welcoming to new riders as well as seasoned racers, great vibe!

Well run event on all fronts – I see a lot of gravel setups and this is run like a top.


2023 Routes

Here are the links to the latest routes. We do mark the routes on both the 100km and 50km, but sometimes shenanigans happen, so please refer to the route in case a sign gets moved, stolen, or adjusted.

Route.GPX (Most GPS).FIT (Garmin)Cue Sheet
100KM route on RideWithGPSDownloadDownloadPDF
50KM route on RideWithGPSDownloadDownloadPDF

Event Details

  • May 19th – Packet pickup available at Happy Trails Cycle from 6:00 to 8:00PM

  • May 20th

    6:00AM – Race team setup

    6:30AM – Check-in opens for packet pickup at the gazebo in the park. Same day “Grassroots” registration is available for $40.

    7:30AM – 100km Group start. If you want to race, you’ll need to be in the group start.

    8:00AM – 50km group start. This distance has no podium; it’s only a ride. But, if you want to start with the group, this when it will leave.

    8:00AM – First aid station in Macedonia’s Old Town Park opens

    9:00AM – Second aid station in Willow Slough opens

    12:00 to 12:30PM – Podium announcement. Winners will also be announced on Social Media.

    12:15PM – First aid station closes

    1:00PM – Second aid station closes

    2:00PM – SAG vehicle begins sweep of routes. Once the SAG vehicle passed you, you’re on your own for the race. Directional signs will be pulled from course and you’ll need to navigate on your own.

    3:00PM – SAG vehicle returns to the start/finish line and we take everything down. Start thinking about all the cool stuff we’ll do the rest of the season. 🙂

  • Week of May 21st – Start looking for links to results and photos in your inbox!

2023 Results

1345Woelber, Karmen50kmFemale 55-59Zoom Performance4:282:17:352:18:5256
2487Sucha, Joy50kmFemale 50-545:222:45:312:46:47+27:5551
3493Johnson, Rebecca50kmFemale 30-346:253:18:063:19:24+1:00:3230
1201Acevedo, Manuel50kmMale 50-54Ames Velo3:411:53:171:54:3151
2499Brudney, Jim50kmMale 60-643:521:59:082:00:27+5:5660
3496Stockmann, Dan50kmMale 45-495:032:35:532:37:13+42:4249
4495hiley, Jason50kmMale 45-495:032:35:572:37:16+42:4547
5383Pollard, Matt50kmMale 35-39Hey You, LLC5:042:36:102:37:26+42:5538
6498Tjaden, Alex50kmMale 50-548:004:07:434:08:58+2:14:2751
1497Parizek, Ricki50kmOpen 55-598:004:07:414:08:5756
1481Fong, Hannah100kmFemale 30-343:534:01:054:01:2631
2470McClain, Kimmai100kmFemale 30-34Prairie Bloom3:574:05:464:06:04+4:3834
3324Bowery, Nancy100kmFemale 55-59Limestoners4:314:41:094:41:32+40:0656
4453Kinney, Denise100kmFemale 45-494:324:42:144:42:41+41:1548
1455Ventling, Adam100kmMale 40-44Above and Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World2:553:01:313:01:4641
2410Wait, Jonathan100kmMale 35-392:553:01:233:01:46+0038
3478Rokke, John100kmMale 50-54Monkey Wrench Cycles2:553:01:313:01:46+0053
4371Loewens, Travis100kmMale 40-44KISS Racing Team2:563:02:093:02:28+4242
5428Breitlow, Ian100kmMale 25-29Johnson County Flyers2:563:02:143:02:29+4325
6475Wilson, Curtis100kmMale 35-39Astute Coffee2:563:02:213:02:36+5037
7480Wilson, Jakob100kmMale 45-49RELENTLESS2:563:02:203:02:37+5145
8439Pike, Kenn100kmMale 35-39East to West Cycling2:563:02:363:02:51+1:0536
9317Hopwood, Brady100kmMale 25-29Good Life Racing2:573:03:393:03:57+2:1129
10310Holst, David100kmMale 30-34Midwest GNAR2:573:03:573:04:12+2:2631
11479Morin, Steve100kmMale 40-44Good Life Racing3:013:07:383:07:54+6:0842
12411Jackson, Camden100kmMale 20-24Ames Velo3:063:12:263:12:43+10:5723
13443Tellinghuisen, Seth100kmMale 15-19Omaha Velo/ The Bike Way3:133:20:233:20:39+18:5319
14482Muller, Nicholas100kmMale 40-44Flo Factory Team3:183:24:463:25:04+23:1843
15442Grady, Joseph100kmMale 25-293:193:26:003:26:15+24:2927
16387Iten, Christian100kmMale 35-39Nebraska Med3:233:30:263:30:43+28:5739
17385Olshansky, Vadim100kmMale 35-39ZCD3:243:31:063:31:23+29:3736
18444Hare, Mark100kmMale 40-443:243:31:113:31:31+29:4541
19454Oldfield, Brad100kmMale 45-49Omaha Velo3:283:35:133:35:34+33:4845
20431Ramsey, Todd100kmMale 55-59Omaha Velo/The Bike Way3:283:35:233:35:46+34:0057
21474Eichler, Paul100kmMale 45-49The Bike Way/Omaha Velo3:283:35:233:35:46+34:0049
22394Frederick, Tyler100kmMale 40-44ZCD3:283:35:213:35:46+34:0041
23412Klenske, Thomas100kmMale 60-64Twisted Spokes3:313:38:353:38:55+37:0964
24466Ullmann, Tim100kmMale 30-343:373:45:153:45:35+43:4934
25476Borer, James100kmMale 35-393:383:46:093:46:30+44:4439
26375Clark, Mike100kmMale 25-293:423:50:253:50:45+48:5929
27430Jaworski, James100kmMale 50-543:554:03:384:03:59+1:02:1350
28432Smith, Craig100kmMale 50-54Nebraska Medicine Cycling Team4:024:10:244:10:41+1:08:5554
29484Sanchez, Alexander100kmMale 45-49Harvest Racing- Trek4:054:04:504:14:40+1:12:5449
30338Harms, Scott100kmMale 35-394:114:19:574:20:22+1:18:3636
31473McClain, John100kmMale 35-39Nebraska Medicine4:124:20:414:21:00+1:19:1438
32355Vint, Patrick100kmMale 40-44Magnum Thunder4:144:23:014:23:20+1:21:3442
33407Hotze, Steve100kmMale 35-394:144:23:344:23:57+1:22:1138
34472Rieck, Russell100kmMale 40-444:154:23:464:24:10+1:22:2441
35301Davis, Michael100kmMale 55-59Beers & Bikes4:164:24:504:25:16+1:23:3055
36418Welk, Gregory100kmMale 55-594:214:29:594:30:19+1:28:3359
37483Fong, Gabriel100kmMale 25-29Team Stages4:304:39:344:39:55+1:38:0929
38368Roth, Kenny100kmMale 30-344:334:43:144:43:35+1:41:4933
39265Anderson, Robert100kmMale 45-494:334:43:114:43:38+1:41:5245
40413Jordan, Jon100kmMale 65-69Team Rule No. 94:394:48:374:49:06+1:47:2068
41467Maaske, Jim100kmMale 60-64Harvest Racing4:535:03:275:03:50+2:02:0463

All photos are available here: