Soldier Cutoff Hillduro

Once known as Pisgah Preparation, the all new Soldier Cutoff Hillduro probably comes closer to conveying how epic this race is. Is it challenging, yes. Is it worth and totally accomplishable for a normal human, yes. But, come ready to climb hills like you’ve never seen in Iowa. If you have ambitions to ride climbs out west, this is great preparation for it.

The area around the Loess Hills State Forest is amazing and hilly and beautiful. The route for this race will swing around Preparation Canyon State Park and wind through the valleys of the Little Sioux River and Soldier River Cutoff (hence the name). The geography in this area is diverse and challenging. We’re estimating the elevation on this race will be over 4,000 ft. But, like we said, it will be worth it. Every climb opens up to another vista and every descent lets you discover a new and less travelled area.

Pisgah’s City Park has great facilities, including camping and showers.

Soldier Cuttoff Hillduro

August 19th, 2023

DateSaturday August 19th, 2023
Start time7:00AM
Start locationPisgah City Park
Distance100 km / 62 mi
Climbing elevationAbout 4000 ft
Meal OptionDave’s Old Home Cafe

2022 Route

Event Details

  • Aug. 18th – Packet pickup available in the Pisgah City Park from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. Great place to camp and hangout before and after the race.

  • Aug. 19th

    6:00AM – Packet pickup opens at Pisgah City Park

    6:45AM – Line-up at starting line for last minute instructions

    7:00AM – Race starts, group start

    8:00AM – First aid station opens

    9:00AM – Second aid station opens

    10:00AM – First aid station closes

    Noon – Second aid station closes

    1:00PM – Sweep starts on route.

    2:00PM – Route sweep complete, all racers still on the route are on their own for support.


    Once the first three racers in the men’s and women’s divisions cross the finish line, we’ll take pictures of them on the podium.

  • Week of Aug. 21th – Start looking for links to photos in your inbox!

2022 Results

1.303Combs, JessiefPrairie Bloom Cycling Club3:56:47
2.319McClain, KimmaifPrairie Bloom Cycling Club4:03:56
3.305Borer, MariafPrairie Bloom Cycling CLub4:04:52
4.311Pietsch, Lisaf4:14:10
5.286Creasy, Crystalf4:14:44
6.293Sheffield, Jenniferf4:24:08
7.291Bowery, NancyfLimestoners4:26:14
8.312Young, Shawnaf4:33:19
9.284Schroeder, AshleyfTrimarni4:33:58
DNF306Filips, MitzifOrange Mud Dirt Unit
1.285Johnson, Jacobm2:49:41
2.302Tellinghuisen, SethmOmaha Velo/ The Bike Way2:52:16
3.226Holst, DavidmUnderwood Cycling Club3:02:40
4.316Breitlow, IanmJohnson County Flyers3:05:29
5.320Marek, SethmThe Bike Way3:10:30
6.289Loewens, TravismKISS Racing Team3:14:29
7.315Strominger, Joelm#LGB Racing3:21:15
8.295Muller, NicholasmFlo Factory Team3:24:17
9.304Lodl, ColinmKaos3:25:40
10.288Turman, MicahmMicah3:29:00
11.287Olshansky, VadimmZCD3:34:59
12.309Stahl, TimmPrairie burners3:45:05
13.321Eichler, PaulmThe Bike Way/Omaha Velo3:52:10
14.292Clark, Mikem3:59:20
15.185Reed, CharlesmReset Ankeny4:01:04
16.314Schmidt, Joem4:03:15
17.294Sheffield, Toddm4:14:04
18.234Hotze, Stevem4:17:51
19.283Schroeder, ZachmTrimarni4:22:23
20.290French, Dalem4:27:20
21.318Voshell, Kobim4:29:21
22.222Marley, Johnm4:50:01
23.232Drey, AlecmPTCG4:58:01
24.334Welk, Grantm5:05:44
25.335Welk, Gregm5:05:49
26.322Stockmann, Danm5:06:41
27.323Olson, Markm5:42:20
DNF296Ullmann, Timm
DNF307Wandrey, Philm

More photos in the shared album.