Albia Holy Cow

When I first rode West out of Albia, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew there were a number of Class B roads I wanted to travel along the way, but I didn’t expect to meet acres of grass-fed cattle, beautiful views, river crossings, and even a short ride along the Historic Mormon Trail. It was spectacular and the opportunity to explore Monroe county left me thinking, “Holy Cow this is cool!”

Albia is a fairly hill route, but there are a lot of long descents and nice flats to help you recharge and get ready for the next Class B challenge. We’re working closely with the Albia Chamber of Commerce on this one and they are eager to show you around downtown and their picturesque square. You’ll want to plan to stick around after this adventure!

Albia Holy Cow

July 15th, 2023

DateSaturday July 16th, 2021
Start time7:00AM
Start locationSt. Mary’s Catholic Church – 730 W Benton Ave, Albia, IA 52531
Distance100 km / 62 mi
Climbing elevationAbout 3500 ft
Meal OptionTBA

Where to stay or camp

One of the unique parts of Albia and Monroe county is that it’s a bit off the beaten path. Fortunately, there a few good places to stay if you’d like to camp or just grab a place to stay for the night. Here’s what we know of:

Event Details

  • July 14th – Packet pickup available in downtown Albia at the pavillion on the North-West corner of the Monroe County Courthouse. We’ll be there from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. Address and directions.

  • July 15th

    6:00AM – Check-in and packet pick-up opens at St. Mary’s Catholic Church
    6:45AM – Line-up at starting line for last minute instructions
    7:00AM – Race starts, group start!
    8:00AM – First aid station opens
    9:00AM – Second aid station opens
    10:00AM – First aid station closes
    Noon – Second aid station closes
    1:00PM – Sweep starts on route.
    2:00PM – Route sweep complete, all racers still on the route are on their own for support.


    Once the first three racers in the men’s and women’s divisions cross the finish line, we’ll take pictures of them on the podium.

  • Week of July 17th – Start looking for links to photos and official race results in your inbox!

2022 Route

2022 Results

1.258Kell, AngieStay Park City Cycling (SPCC)18.4 mph3:22:36
2.233Kugel, Bel16.1 mph3:50:21
3.241Sheffield, Jennifer14.1 mph4:22:58
4.245Reese, KristinVelorosa14.0 mph4:26:12
5.243Clark, Tonja13.7 mph4:31:22
6.275Thompson, Annalisa13.5 mph4:35:28
7.249Coady, Jamie12.2 mph5:04:47
8.224Darcy, Johnson11.5 mph5:22:15
9.242Crow, ChristineVelorosa11.5 mph5:22:20
1.225Johnson, Jacob20.4 mph3:02:35
2.276Hardy, BrendenAbove + Beyond Cancer p/b Bike World20.4 mph3:02:35
3.274Wenzel, BryanTrek Bicycle19.9 mph3:07:01
4.281Maney, Michael19.9 mph3:07:02
5.279Tellinghuisen, SethOmaha Velo / The Bike Way19.6 mph3:09:35
6.231Cubbage, ChaseCorridor Devo Junior Cycling Club19.3 mph3:12:55
7.240Bimson, CameronCorridordevo18.4 mph3:22:03
8.221Hallstrom, LawrenceTeam Army Cycling18.4 mph3:22:08
9.266Aspenson, DrewDenovo18.4 mph3:22:13
10.230Ceballos, GustavoTeam Presto18.4 mph3:22:18
11.259Longnecker, Ted18.4 mph3:22:23
12.271Wilson, MasonIC Scramblers18.4 mph3:22:30
13.280Adams, Kris18.1 mph3:24:55
14.269Bredesky, Kyle51517.9 mph3:27:11
15.195Huisenga, Joel17.7 mph3:30:00
16.223Swartzendruber, DanielNorthbound Outfitters17.2 mph3:36:39
17.257Gilbert, Zach17.1 mph3:37:23
18.247Ullmann, Tim17.1 mph3:37:26
19.299Missing, Contact us if you had this number17.1 mph3:37:28
20.227Peterson, Lance17.1 mph3:37:37
21.228Dahlen, Nathan17.0 mph3:38:26
22.297Dayton, RyanPrairie Burners17.0 mph3:38:37
23.229Rodríguez, AlejandroTeam Presto16.4 mph3:46:00
24.101Reed, CharlesReset Ankeny16.4 mph3:46:03
25.236Stahl, TimPrairie burners16.2 mph3:49:57
26.267Zangerle, David16.1 mph3:50:28
27.248Windenberger, AurelienIdeal Energy16.1 mph3:51:15
28.278Acevedo, ManuelAmes Velo16.1 mph3:51:18
29.260Lane, BillTeam Waldo16.1 mph3:51:25
30.246Reese, BruceMidstate15.9 mph3:53:19
31.254Furlong, Chad15.7 mph3:56:57
32.270Wilson, CalebIC Scramblers15.4 mph4:01:10
33.300Titus, Greg15.4 mph4:01:15
34.263Morford, JaredBIke Iowa Race Team15.3 mph4:02:42
35.264Grelk, DennisBike Iowa15.3 mph4:03:10
36.268Rivas, JoseTeam presto15.0 mph4:08:15
37.251Flores, DanielTeam Presto15.0 mph4:08:15
38.261O’Brien, Sean14.7 mph4:12:55
39.237Dillon, WyattPrairie Burners14.3 mph4:20:23
40.256Sheffield, Todd14.1 mph4:22:58
41.173Bartusek, RyanBIKEIOWA RACING TEAM14.1 mph4:23:30
42.238Price, RussellGray Ghost Gravel13.8 mph4:29:22
43.136Marley, John13.7 mph4:30:31
44.252Contreras, ErickTeam Presto13.6 mph4:33:43
45.273Marquez, JoseTeam Presto13.5 mph4:34:32
46.152Robinson, DonnieTeam Zoot13.3 mph4:39:23
47.235Jenner, TerrySummit velo racing12.6 mph4:54:56
48.253Johnson, Jason12.2 mph5:03:34
49.250Coady, Jim12.2 mph5:04:47
50.255Rodriguez, Jerry11.9 mph5:12:48
51.262Aburto, RandyPresto11.9 mph5:12:55
52.298Vanderbilt, Tom11.4 mph5:25:24
53.277Garcia, AnastasioTeam presto11.0 mph5:36:45

More photos in the shared album.