Board of Directors

Ian Breitlow

Marketing Director

Ian Breitlow is a Minnesota native, where he started his cycling journey mountain biking in the Driftless Hills area. He’s since been on a mission to ride all the bikes he can across the Midwest with the UW-Platteville collegiate Cycling Club, falling in love with gravel racing in Iowa City, and now climbing over the Loess Hills in Omaha.

Ian first got involved with the IGS in 2021 at the Waukon 100 and continues to train hard to be at the front of the “Gravel Mullet”. When not on two wheels, he’s busy going on adventures with his dog Dietrich and fiance, who of course is an Iowan!

David Cleasby

Operations Director

Dave Cleasby (a.k.a. Michelle’s hubby/bike mechanic) is the Director of Operations for the Iowa Gravel Series. Dave’s day job is Project Manager for a team of software developers (think cat herding).  He has served as president and board member for the Omaha Velo Club which has hosted races for Road, Time Trial, MTB, Gravel and Cyclo-Cross. Dave also co-leads a weekly group ride on Zwift called Faster Masters. He is excited to take on this new challenge by helping to organize events across Iowa.

Michelle and Dave live in Council Bluffs with their 3 dogs (who you’ll meet at the races).  In our spare time we traverse the state in our camper exploring gravel and single track.  Other hobbies include fly fishing, building wheels, coffee roasting, and geeking out on audiophile gear.

Michelle Cleasby

Community Director

Michelle Cleasby and her husband, Dave, started their cycling adventures as roadies and quickly expanded into the CX, gravel and mountain bike scenes shortly after.  Always being an Iowa gal, Michelle appreciates the laid back and wholesome atmospheres that the Midwest communities offer.  Exploring and tackling the MMR’s is Michelle’s favorite part of gravel riding as the B roads uniquely challenge the skills of every cyclist.

With every gravel ride, Michelle recalls the helpful advice received at her very first event:

  1. Pick a line (even if there isn’t one).   
  2. Do not make any sudden movements.
  3. Try not to death grip the handlebars.
  4. Pop up out the saddle every chance you get.
  5. Let your bike float.
Chris McQueen

Series Director

Chris McQueen grew up in Utah and has lived and ridden his bike in Idaho, Michigan, California, and now calls Glenwood, Iowa home. He lives in the Loess Hills with his wife and four sons.

Chris started the Iowa Gravel Series in 2021 after putting on the 2020 Glenwood Gravel Grinder. Apparently starting a gravel race and then a series of races in the middle of a pandemic seemed like a good idea. Since 2020 IGS events have welcomed thousands of racers and riders from all over the midwest to explore some of the best parts of Iowa.

Casey Ralston

Communications Director

Casey grew up here in Iowa, but has lived in San Diego for the past 23 years. He’s excited to be back in the midwest and to be a part of what is an amazing cycling scene in The Des Moines area. He has been particularly impressed with the local gravel scene. On any given day you can ride with friends, or pros, or friends who ARE pros. The Iowa Gravel Series is an opportunity for him to combine two things he loves; playing bikes and meeting awesome new people. Look for him at the next IGS event and come say “Hi”.

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