Waukon 100

All of the rides on the Iowa Gravel Series are friendly to new and experienced riders; but Waukon and Allamakee county might surprise you. Each corner of Iowa is unique, but the “driftless” roads North of Waukon and East of Decorah are some of the best we’ve experienced. Mother nature has created an amazing series of long valleys and steep ridges. But, if you plan it just right (and we think we’ve got something good), you can spend the day exploring all the beauty of the Upper Iowa River and Waterloo river bottoms in the way God intended… on a gravel bike.

Make no mistake, there’s a bit more climbing in Waukon than the Silver City race, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Waukon One Hundred

June 17th, 2023

DateSaturday June 17th, 2021
Start time7:00AM
Start locationSt. John the Baptist Church
Distance100 km / 62 mi
Climbing elevationAbout 3300 ft
Meal OptionTBA

Event Details

  • June 16th – Packet pickup available from 6:00PM to 8:00PM at St. John the Baptist church.

  • June 17th

    6:00AM – Check-in opens at St. John the Baptist church
    6:50AM – Line-up for neutral start from fairgrounds to Spirit Rd.
    7:00AM – Leave fairgrounds under neutral start. ~2 mile warm up from fairground to Spirit Rd.
    8:00AM – First aid station opens at mile 17 on Iverson Bottom Rd.
    9:00AM – Second aid station opens just past mile 40 on River Rd.
    10:00AM – First aid station closes
    Noon – Second aid station closes
    1:00PM – Sweep starts on route.
    2:00PM – Route sweep complete, all racers still on the route are on their own for support.


    Once the first three racers in the men’s and women’s divisions cross the finish line, we’ll take pictures of them on the podium.


    We’ll be raffling off prizes as you cross the finish line. Stick around to see if you came in at a prize winning position!

  • Week of June 20th – Start looking for links to photos in your inbox!

2022 Results

1156O’Leary, ClaireFulton Racing17.9 mph3:27:07Women
2172Foley Balvanz, MaryVelorosa15.4 mph4:00:43Women
3141Mormann, LisaThirsty Pigs13.1 mph4:42:57Women
4115McIntosh, Tracy B.11.9 mph5:11:31Women
5106Luebbering, AmyFemme 40 Racing11.9 mph5:12:08Women
6210Diehl, Kris11.2 mph5:32:38Women
7198Mausser, Kylie11.1 mph5:33:03Women
1192Henscheid, DerekSugar Bottom Bikes22.7 mph2:43:57Men
2197Johnson, Jacob22.6 mph2:44:31Men
3117Sime, PhillipUS Military Endurance Sports21.7 mph2:51:35Men
4191Stenoien, Mitch20.5 mph3:01:19Men
5203Bruening, Benjamin20.5 mph3:01:28Men
6182Bembenek, Garrett20.4 mph3:02:42Men
7100Mason, JoelTwisted Spokes Racing20.3 mph3:03:36Men
8113Fassbinder, Mat20.0 mph3:05:59Men
9184Kelly, John19.6 mph3:10:11Men
10202Main, Alex19.6 mph3:10:11Men
11204Nordeen, DerekStay Park City19.3 mph3:12:34Men
12213Eichinger, Izaak19.3 mph3:12:56Men
13189McKay, LiamGeoff’s Bike & Ski19.2 mph3:13:18Men
14209Gleeson, Alex19.2 mph3:13:18Men
15214Zangerle, David19.2 mph3:13:23Men
16218Bimson, Ryan19.2 mph3:13:33Men
17199Brown, Gary19.2 mph3:13:35Men
18187Heffern, Michael19.1 mph3:14:26Men
19219Ericsson, JP18.6 mph3:19:55Men
20181Gilbert, Zach18.5 mph3:20:27Men
21217SQUIRES, Benjamin18.0 mph3:27:07Men
22212Eichinger, Mark17.7 mph3:30:36Men
23151Acevedo, ManuelAmes Velo17.5 mph3:31:58Men
24200Klenske, ThomasTwisted Spokes17.5 mph3:32:50Men
25110Stender, Mark16.8 mph3:40:37Men
26114Keiser, Doug16.7 mph3:42:05Men
27188Windenberger, AurelienIdeal Energy16.7 mph3:43:03Men
28207Davis, Christian16.5 mph3:44:55Men
29194Ganske, John16.1 mph3:50:15Men
30215Herring, Matthew16.0 mph3:52:48Men
31220Zabrowski, Jack15.9 mph3:54:19Men
32193Sheffield, Mark15.8 mph3:54:48Men
33190Clark, Mike15.6 mph3:57:35Men
34205Blake, Brandon15.5 mph3:59:52Men
35186Oliver, LanceGravel Sharks15.4 mph4:00:44Men
36174Jordan, JonTeam Rule No. 915.3 mph4:03:24Men
37163Balvanz, DougGravel Sharks15.0 mph4:07:58Men
38108Wombacher, AdamGravel Sharks Adventure Team14.7 mph4:12:39Men
39196Marley, John14.2 mph4:20:52Men
40208deShazer, Tony13.8 mph4:29:49Men
41180Eschweiler, ToddTeam Angry Beavers13.4 mph4:37:49Men
42161Price, Russ13.1 mph4:42:57Men
43216Schultz, John13.1 mph4:43:25Men
44183Anderson, Robert12.7 mph4:53:09Men
45118Vanderbilt, Tom12.3 mph5:02:18Men
46211Rodgers, Eric11.6 mph5:19:46Men

More photos available from shared album