Waukon 100

All of the rides on the Iowa Gravel Series are friendly to new and experienced riders; but Waukon and Allamakee county might surprise you. Each corner of Iowa is unique, but the “driftless” roads North of Waukon and East of Decorah are some of the best we’ve experienced. Mother nature has created an amazing series of long valleys and steep ridges. But, if you plan it just right (and we think we’ve got something good), you can spend the day exploring all the beauty of the Upper Iowa River and Waterloo river bottoms in the way God intended… on a gravel bike.

Make no mistake, there’s a bit more climbing in Waukon than the Silver City race, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Waukon One Hundred

June 15th, 2024

Start time7:00AM
Start locationSt. John the Baptist Church
Distance100 km / 62 mi
Climbing elevationAbout 4300 ft
Meal OptionPulled-pork sandwiches and salad

What people are saying

Route was spectacular! Some of the most beautiful parts of Iowa in an approachable, yet very challenging route.
Well organized. Beautiful, challenging course. Great “Iowa” feel. Punctual and friendly. the Series Director obviously cares about ALL the riders, not just the top few. Great and plentiful aid stations. Just a fun but tough day in the saddle. Loved the course changes!!
Amazing course. The starting point was really beautiful. Very challenging hills. I thought aid station 2 could’ve been somewhere shaded but other than that, no real suggestions for improvement.
The course is phenomenal, every mile of this course is first class, rarely do all the elements come together to make a 100k ride a gravel riders dream, but this one has the magic. The gravel is perfect, the scenery spectacular, and volunteers are super, Thank-you. I’m hoping to return year after year. Lastly, this race is expertly run by a wonderful race director who is so considerate, everyone has a first rate experience, from the front of the pack to the very last rider, made to feel welcome and supported. I also liked the chip timing, superb.

Beautiful route, challenging, good mix of hills and flats. Great grassroots vibe. Enjoyed the meal and hanging out afterwards.

It was refreshing to go to an event that wasn’t crazy expensive but still delivered a great experience. Marked course was great. Amazes me how many other race directors skip this. Whoever decided on the number plates killed it. Food to follow was a perfect way to end the race! Also, very cool to have top three get entry fee reimbursed and jersey as a prize.

2023 Route

Cue Sheet

Want a piece of paper you can refer to on the race? We got you covered. If you don’t like the format we created, you can generate a cue sheet from RideWithGPS with the instructions below.

Event Details

  • June 16th – Packet pickup available from 6:00PM to 8:00PM at St. John the Baptist church.

  • June 17th

    6:00AM – Check-in opens at St. John the Baptist church
    6:50AM – Line-up for announcements
    7:00AM – Race starts on gun time! 🏁
    7:50AM – First aid station opens at mile 20
    9:00AM – Second aid station opens just past mile 42
    10:00AM – First aid station closes
    Noon – Second aid station closes
    1:00PM – Sweep starts on route.
    2:00PM – Route sweep complete, all racers still on the route are on their own for support.


    Once the first three racers in the men’s and women’s divisions cross the finish line, we’ll take pictures of them on the podium.

  • Week of June 20th – Start looking for links to surveys, results, and photos in your inbox!

2023 Results

1.1048Foley Balvanz, MaryfGravel Sharks4:46:35
2.1032Dodge, BrendafTandem with Steve Dodge4:58:31
3.1056Mormann, Lisaf5:16:20
4.1004McIntosh, Tracy B.f5:16:23
5.1015Adams, Mackenzief5:29:09
6.1099Dunham, Trinaf5:35:13
1.1023Kullbom, NatemSugar Bottom Bikes3:09:06
2.1100Hansen, Thomasm3:09:29
3.1026Wallace, Derekm3:15:00
4.1022Nelson, AndrewmColumbia Project3:15:39
5.1012Sime, PhillipmUS Military Endurance Sports3:22:51
6.1055Brekke, MitchmNicollet bike and ski3:22:58
7.1047Schultz, Evanm3:23:10
8.1062Ralston, Caseym3:33:59
9.1033Jackson, CamdenmAmes Velo3:37:17
10.1021Zurn, HenrymColumbia Project3:39:56
11.1054Fadness, Zachm3:40:49
12.1025Knoll, PetermColumbia Project3:42:32
13.1063Kisch, TonymMeyers Bike Shop3:43:33
14.1045Ullmann, Timothym3:43:49
15.1061Klenske, ThomasmTwisted Spokes3:44:07
16.1064Clark, Mikem3:45:42
17.1057Kovacs, Attilam3:47:21
18.1067Gilbert, Zachm3:49:21
19.1036Eichinger, Markm3:57:28
20.1028Johnson, Nickm3:57:39
21.1029Brown, Garym3:59:49
22.1020Stenoien, Mitchm4:02:28
23.1068Nelson, Andym4:04:03
24.1043Davis, Christianm4:10:48
25.1002Kent, ChristophermBeers & Bikes4:35:01
26.1042Christian, Claym4:35:22
27.1001Wilbur, Keithm4:35:59
28.1065Hess, MarcmBicycle World4:38:29
29.1050Squires, BenjaminmCedar Valley Cyclists4:43:01
30.1006Jordan, JonmTeam Rule No. 94:44:16
31.1035Welk, Gregorym4:48:18
32.1034Sheffield, Markm4:49:44
33.1058Suri, MarkmVelo Club Roubaix4:50:50
34.1016Keune, Toddm4:57:47
35.1060Balvanz, DougmGravel Sharks5:06:30
36.1052Oliver, LancemGravel Sharks5:06:32
37.1046Eschweiler, ToddmTeam Angry Beavers5:08:53
38.1051Wombacher, AdammGravel Sharks Adventure Team5:11:09
39.1070Evans, Natem5:16:08
40.1097Wadsworth, Davidm5:16:08
41.1014Marley, Johnm5:21:07
42.1053Nelson, Kinseym5:23:53
43.1030Kopperud, Kurtm5:23:55
44.1037Aguinaga, Federicom5:33:18
45.1003Anderson, Robertm5:34:47
46.1098Groves, Jamesm5:42:16

More photos available from shared album