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  • Joel Huisenga

    Joel Huisenga

    Gravel attracts folks from all over because the bike is an amazing invention and the people that ride those bikes know it and respect it. I really enjoyed getting to know Joel Huisenga, who came in 3rd at the 2023 Glenwood Gravel. This is a guy you would never assume could burn your legs off…

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  • Jen Sheffield

    Jen Sheffield

    It’s all too common to hear someone on a bicycle say, “well, I’m a runner, but I really enjoy gravel, road riding, etc.”; and at some level we all get it. Running is often the first endurance sport we fall in love with. Jen Sheffield describes herself as a runner at first, but I think…

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  • John Rokke

    John Rokke

    This episode features John Rokke, a seasoned racer known for excelling at challenging races and maintaining health during strenuous training. The discussion largely revolves around the gravel racing scene in Lincoln, NE, highlighting Gravel Worlds, along with a focus on nutrition and training strategies.

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  • Hannah Fong

    Hannah Fong

    Hannah Fong is a local educator and member of the Prairie Bloom cycling club. She’s been on a number of Iowa Gravel Series races, but the 2023 Silver City Century was an especially great day in the saddle. Join us in this conversation where we talk about getting into cycling, the support networks we build…

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  • Jonathan Wait

    Jonathan Wait

    Jonathan Wait is a multi-podium winner in the Iowa Gravel series. In this episode we dive into various topics including Jonathan’s cycling journey, experiences in gravel racing, training methods, recovery techniques, and nutrition strategies.Jonathan shares his background in BMX racing, cross country running, and how he transitioned to competitive cycling.Throughout the episode, Jonathan’s experiences and…

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  • Shawna Young

    Shawna Young

    Shawna Young has been chasing a podium on the Iowa Gravel Series for a little while. It alluded her at Soldier Cutoff Hillduro thanks to a wrong turn, but fortunately she was able to pull off a 3rd place finish at the 2023 Glenwood Gravel; despite the crazy weather we had on the race. In…

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  • Jessie Combs

    Jessie Combs

    Jessie is part of the Prairie Bloom Racing Team. We caught up with her a month or so after she took second at the Soldier Cutoff Hillduro in Pisgah. We talk about her goals for next year, her love of Mountain Biking, and what she’d love to see happen in cycling. Take a listen and…

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  • Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson

    Chris meets up with Brian Johnson of Nebraska Medicine who has seen the podium several times during the Iowa Gravel Racing Series. From his start racing motocross to his current gravel goals, Brian shares how he arrived at this point in his cycling career, and details some of the causes that are near to his…

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  • Nate Kullbom

    Nate Kullbom

    Chris sits down with Nate Kullbom after his first place finish at the 2023 Waukon 100. We chat about Core4, racing, and the value of competition; all good things! Check out: – Aug. 19th, 2023 And, check out all the races on the series at

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  • 2022 Glenwood Gravel Women’s Podium

    2022 Glenwood Gravel Women’s Podium

    Glenwood is usually the race where everyone gets to enjoy a fantastic day in the Loess Hills on punchy climbs with long descents and then a tailwind all the way back to the finish line. That’s been the case the last two years, but 2022 threw us a curve ball. There was lightning threatening, sporadic…

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