Cyclists riding through a canyon on gravel bicycles.

Gravel that hasn’t forgotten grassroots

There area a lot of options when it comes to riding and racing your



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This is the official rule book for the Iowa Gravel Series races. Riders must adhere to all rules. When you signed the release waiver for the event, you agreed to all of these rules. These rules are in place to keep all the races fun and safe for everyone.


  • All riders must wear a helmet. You will not be given a bib number to start without wearing a helmet at the starting line. You can’t join the race or receive any services along the race without a bib number.
  • All riders must follow directions from the race officials and respectfully comply with requests from aid station, registration, and communication volunteers.
  • Your numbers must be visible at all times during the race. This is how we identify you. It’s also your ticket for the post-ride meal, so don’t lose it!
  • Riders are responsible for adhering to all rules of the road in Iowa; including stop signs, right of way, and traffic laws. The race is on open roads. Please adhere to all rules of the road.
  • Most races begins at 7:00AM and finishes at 2:00PM the same day. After 2:00PM you’re on your own for support. The race director will announce any changes to support periods for the race day.
  • You must follow the route. Signs will be available to point which direction to turn as best we can, but you’re responsible for knowing the route and following the directions. A printable route sheet as well as .GPX files for GPS navigation will be provided.
  • SAG is only available along the route. We won’t help you if you’ve strayed off the route.
  • Don’t cheat. Stay on the route.
  • Be nice to everyone. If you’re caught harassing or being a jerk to any rider or volunteer we will kick you off the race and it will take a serious apology to ever get back on the race again. Seriously, be cool with each other.
  • Drafting is totally okay is allowed. Just make sure you let people know you’re behind them. You are responsible for the safety of yourself and those around you, so take care and avoid risky behavior. It’s a small race in Iowa, seriously, this isn’t a big deal. So, be cool.
  • Be prepared to support yourself for all mechanical issues. There’s no expectation that others can or should help you with tubes, tools, assistance, etc. But, let’s be kind to each other.