How to order your 2022 Iowa Gravel Jerseys

BikeRags has been our key sponsor for the Iowa Gravel Series and a great promoter of all things cycling in Iowa. Based in Cedar Rapids, the team knows what works for riders and racers in the Iowa heat and cold.

Every podium winner on the Iowa Gravel Series gets a limited edition jersey that they can rock on their next gravel race or ride. And, up until now, the only way to get an Iowa Gravel Series jersey was to win a race. But, the IGS isn’t just for those on the podium. It’s for everyone to come out and have a great day in the saddle. So, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with the BikeRags team to create a “field jersey” available to anyone. We’ll be taking order from now until July 1st.

BikeRags has been so kind as to put together a simple site where you can order a jersey for 2022. Those that signed up for the 5-race package earlier in the year will get one of these jerseys and we should have them out in time for the Glenwood Gravel in Sept. 🤞🏻

So, don’t wait, order your jersey and we’ll see you out there on the gravel!


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