Waukon 100 preview

I had some time and saw a nice break in the weather, so I drove out to Waukon yesterday to test the route. What a great day! I posted a couple videos on Facebook and Instagram and I’ve included those below, including a screenshot of the elevation. Honestly, I could probably post the whole route since it won’t likely be affected by weather, but I think it’s good to keep to the rule of posting the route the Wednesday before the race. This keeps people from scouting the route too far in advance.

So, here’s what the elevation looks like…

Starts out pretty gentl and then dips into the valley and then a few big climbs at the beginning. Really pay attention to mile 50… you’ll want to save some gas in the tank for the ending. And, even then, save a little more, because a mile before the end there’s one more “surprise”. #sorrynotsorry

Some video…

I tried a new thing and I’m not sure I’ll do it again. I used Instagram and Facebook Stories and although that was pretty convenient and fast, it’s really hard to share the videos with folks afterwards. So, I don’t think I’ll do that again. Below are the videos I shot before I left and when I got back. You can also checkout the stories of what I saw on the ride from the Instagram page here, it does require an Instagram account to view the story #sorryIamsorry.

Part 1 – Heading out

Part 2 – The start line

Part 3 – Initial thoughts at the finish line

Part 4 – Final wrap-up

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