New Sponsor: XX2i

We are so excited to announce the newest Iowa Gravel Series sponsor, a brand we personally use and love–XX2i. The good folks at XX2i have been providing sunglasses for over a decade. It’s eyewear that looks great and is designed for athletes. So, please join us in welcoming XX2i to the Iowa Gravel Series sponsor list!

XX2i Optics logo

We’ve been using XX2i sunglasses since 2019 and have found them to be a great brand and value. Since then we’ve invested in a nice collection of styles and colors for ourselves and have enjoyed every pair. XX2i stands by what they do and we love their tagline:

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast that appreciates quality, innovation, and no BS marketing, we’re the brand for you!

If you’ve ever checked out Chris’s Strava photos, you will always see him and his family in a pair of XX2i sunglasses. They fit great under a helmet, stand up to abuse, and are backed by a 2 warranty and amazing customer service. Getting spare parts to fix frames or replace lenses has always been easy for us and we know you’ll love the prices XX2i has on their eyewear.

But, it gets better. At last year’s Glenwood Gravel a racer was at the start line and somehow broke her sunglasses right before the race was about to start. Chris happened to see she was wearing XX2i and it was in a similar style to the XX2i’s he was wearing too, so he just took his sunglasses off and handed them to the racer! The racer was so happy to have something comfortable and familiar to race in. It was also a great IGS moment where a racer needed help and we could easily provided it with a brand we both loved. Fun little magic moment.

Raffle and podium prizes coming to a race near you!

To help us celebrate this new sponsorship, for the next four races in Waukon, Albia, Pisgah, and Glenwood we’ll be raffling off free pairs of XX2i sunglasses. We’ll also be sending a promotional code for 40% off any XX2i products to all past racers on the Iowa Gravel Series. It’s just one way to help make it a great day in the saddle thanks to the IGS and XX2i. 😎




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