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The Iowa Gravel Series is now in its 3rd year of existence and I’ve learned a lot. I know with a little help I can put on a pretty good event all over Iowa. My family and I have made a lot of friends in the communities where we put on races. The series is profitable, which is important. I can’t quit my day job, which is just fine, because I do love my career in tech.

Over the last 3 years, through the gravel series, I’ve been able to give back to the communities where we race in some meaningful ways. I estimate well over $50,000 has been invested in the communities through food vendors, photographers, designers, logistics providers and accommodations. Not to mention all the awareness of local businesses and sponsors and friends we make at these things. I think of gravel cycling as a net promoter for all people involved and that’s why I keep doing it. And, I plan to keep doing it for at least the next decade or so.

With all these good things, I’ve also learned that I’m not great at a few things. I can get by… but I know with a clear focus and more talent there are things that could be better. I would like to work with folks that either have the talent or want to develop their talents in these areas so that the gravel series and all those that attend can benefit. 3 years ago I didn’t know how to put on a gravel race until I tried. “I didn’t know until I tried.” ⬅️ That’s the key mindset in my opinion. Those that are always puting “..yet” on the end of there ideas or ambitions. “I haven’t climbed that mountain… yet”, “I don’t know how to do that… yet”, “they haven’t caught me… yet” (well, maybe we should be careful with that last one. These are the types of people I want to work with; the folks that will try and have a “show must go on” attitude.

With that in mind, I’m opening up board positions for the Iowa Gravel Series. For the series to really meet its potential it can’t be limited by me. There are so many people in Iowa and the surrounding communities that have already helped make this a really great experience for everyone. I know there’s more potential.

So, what does a board position look like on the Iowa Gravel Series?

We’ll need to figure it out, but I’m looking for a 1 year commitment, preferably 2 (because we often do something much better on the second effort). The goal is to meet monthly so we can keep connected between emails and assignments. These will be paid board positions through profit sharing. We will set a budget based on historical data and then set goals for the 2024 year. As a board member you’ll have visibility and input into the business and how we direct funds, whether into non-profit donations or into that next set of wheels for your bike is your choice.

I’m still working on titles for these board positions, so there is flexibility in defining the roles. Here are the areas I’m looking for first:

  • Marketing – This is could be everything from market share analysis, communication, branding, and advertising. You will have a budget and a legacy to build upon. Also, fast decision making from me and the board.
  • Community – This could be everything from volunteers, to venues, parties, and social outreach. You are there to listen to the community and amplify the good things that are going on around the Iowa Gravel Series.
  • Sponsorship – Sponsors are customer and friends and partners. All of the sponsors we have worked with have been fantastic and we alway aim to make it a good experience with sponsors as well. If you like or want to learn how to work with businesses of every size, this could be the board position for you.
  • Race Directors – Right now the series director manages all the races, but if you would like to bring a race to your area or focus on one of our existing races, this is a great place to learn or apply your existing skills and talents.

As I mentioned before, the board will meet monthly to coordinate and report on efforts. This is a completely remote board, so you will need access to a computer and a good internet connection for those meetings. Previous experience is not required, but a commitment to show up and learn and do your best to keep commitments is necessary.

If you’re interested in a board position, sign-up for a time to chat with me and we’ll go through the details and answer questions. You can book time at the link here or with the calendar below.

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