How to share photos from a race

On each race in the series we hire professional photographers to help capture the day. For example, we have Sarah Booth and Jeremy Buss taking photos on the Silver City Century, Preparation Pisgah, and the Glenwood Gravel Grinder. We thing a good photo from the day can really help make it a great day in the saddle, even if there’s wind, heat, rain, mechanical issues, etc. At least you got the good photo.

We don’t charge you for the photos, it’s part of your registration. And, we encourage you to share your photos from the day with everyone else! For 2021 we’re using Google Photos to host the images. It has support for Android and iPhone and is fairly simple to work with. But, if you’ve never used Google Photos and would like to share your photos from a race, here are some instructions on how to do it.

To share your photos you’ll need:

  • A Google Account. It’s free and helps make sure we don’t get spammers adding photos
  • An iPhone, Android Phone, Mac or PC

The process is usually pretty easy.

  1. While logged into your Google Account, open up the Google Photos Album we share with you. For example, here’s the 2021 Silver City Century album
  2. Tap the “Join” button
  3. Once you’ve joined the album, you can add your photos by clicking the add photo button at the top of the screen
  4. Select the photos you want to share with everyone and then tap “Done”

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