How to print and navigate a route with a cue sheet?

Back before GPS and smart phones and fancy bike computers, a lot of races and rides relied on cue sheets. These are just simple written directions for a route giving the name of the street to turn on. They work great when you follow them perfectly. It can be a little scary when you miss a turn, but that can also be all part of the fun.

For all of the Iowa Gravel Series races you can download a cue sheet for the route. We’ll send you a RideWithGPS link for the route the Wednesday before the race. When you open the link you’ll see something like the image below. If you decide to use a cue sheet instead of your mobile phone or a bike computer with GPS, here’s what you need to click on to download the cue sheet.

Just look for the “More” button with the down arrow, then click “Print Cuesheet”. You should be able to print the file with any regular printer.

Do you prefer using cue sheets? Got any suggestions on how best to use them? Let us know in the comments!

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