How do I win an Iowa Gravel Series race?

This isn’t a posts on how to win races. No, this post is about the requirements racers have to fulfill to receive their prizes when placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd on a Iowa Gravel Series race. Basically, there are 3 requirements to win a race…

  1. You have to start with the group start. Most of the races and rides have a group start and then an open start period. This allows people that want to race to all start together and those that just want to ride or would like some social distancing to have their space and time without a hectic group start. Just know you can’t have it both ways. Want to race; be in the group start.
  2. You need a GPS track your route. We don’t have officials on the course. We’re just not that fancy yet. So, to win a race, you’re going to have to provide proof of your route either from an app using your phone to track or a GPS file from a Garmin, Wahoo, or some other device. We will ask you to share the file before leaving the event and we will audit the file before awarding prizes.
  3. You have to cross the finish line before other people. This might seem confusing, but what we’re saying is you can’t produce a GPS fill afterwards showing you have the fastest time and claim to win. To stand on the podium, you need to be one of the first three people across the finish line and fulfill the other two requirements as well.

As the Iowa Gravel Series evolves and grows, it’s likely that these policies will change over time. Our goals it to allow for fair and fun racing experience without overwhelming the event staff. Just remember, if you cheat the system you are cheating yourself and others. So, let’s make sure honesty is the best and core policy.

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