Can I register late or on the day of the race?


We cap the number of participants on an event to ensure the venue and support crew we have in place keep the race fun and safe. If we have room on the event we do allow for late or same-day registration. Here’s what you’ll want to do to get on a race after registration is closed:

  1. Check the race waitlist for the race you want to enter. Use the waitlist first to register and we’ll let you know if we can get you in as soon as we can. If there’s no waitlist, continue on.
  2. If there’s no waitlist and registration is closed, you can likely register late. Feel free to reach out to us to check.
  3. Late registrations are available onsite during our regular check-in period. This is often the Friday night before the race and Saturday morning before the race. If you’re signing up on Saturday morning, please arrive 30 min before the race to give yourself enough time to sign up and get ready. Registration closes 15 minutes before the race.
    • Want to speed up the process? Download our waiver, print it, and fill it out before you show up. Hard copy only of the waivers are accepted, we can’t accept a digital version..
  4. Bring exact cash. Same day registration is cash only and we don’t have change.

What you’ll get:

  • A timing bib number
  • Included in the race result standings
  • Any shwag we have available, but no guarantee
  • Access to all the aid stations on the route
  • Photos after the event

Things like shirts and jersey are ordered ahead of time and we can’t provide. Sometimes we have these items available onsite for purchase.

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