Bottom Bracket Biking Podcast

Last year I stumbled upon a great podcast that talks about all the biking stuff in Iowa, Anthony Herrera and Jenny Herrera’s Bottom Bracket Biking “a couple’s guide to biking”. I quickly became a fan and have enjoyed listening to their interviews and following their travels on Instagram.

Jenn and Anthony Herrera

When I was thinking about the Iowa Gravel Series and how to get the word out, I knew I wanted to talk to Anthony and Jenn. So, I reached out and they were amazing. We had a great initial conversation and they booked a time to record the podcast over Zoom. To say the least, if I hadn’t already been a huge fan of the show, I certainly am now! They made the process of telling the Glenwood Gravel and Iowa Gravel Series story so easy and it was just a treat to talk to them.

I’ve linked to the podcast above, but if you just want to start listening, here’s the episode:

One little show note. I’ve pulled the registration option for the 200km Glenwood Gravel. I’m having a hard time planning a route that 1) doesn’t cross large freeways 2) provides a “clean” and “dirty” route that isn’t radically different 3) I’m confident has enough aid-station support. I’m still open to doing a 200km route for the 2021 Glenwood Gravel, but I might need some encouragement from the community and to hear what they want from a longer distance route.

So, let me know what you think about the podcast episode Anthony and Jenn recorded in the comments.

And, if you feel strongly about the 200km distance, what is it that you love and what do the best races do to support riders?

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