2022 Glenwood Gravel Women’s Podium

Glenwood is usually the race where everyone gets to enjoy a fantastic day in the Loess Hills on punchy climbs with long descents and then a tailwind all the way back to the finish line. That’s been the case the last two years, but 2022 threw us a curve ball. There was lightning threatening, sporadic rain, and a wind that couldn’t make up its mind on which direction it wanted to blow. That left the 100+ riders on the route with little to do but try to follow an unmarked route and fight through the grey limestone that stuck to your body like concrete and push through the deep rich mud left on the grassy sections of the route. Everyone said they had a blast!

So, of course we need to hear from the women of the Glenwood Gravel Grinder and learn a bit about grit, determination, and how to find a helmet at the last minute. Join us as we get to know Laura Vinopal, Ashley Schroeder, and Karmen Woelber and why gravel is the best place for women athletes and enthusiasts.

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