New Sponsor: &Collar

We are so excited to announce the newest Iowa Gravel Series sponsor, a brand we personally use and love–&Collar. The good folks at &Collar have created an amazing linke of performance menswear. We wear their stuff to work, to church and even on the bike and for a fit (and slightly sweaty dude) it’s the perfect mix of style and comfort. So, please join us in welcoming &Collar to the Iowa Gravel Series sponsor list!

&Collar logo

We’ve been using &Collar for years and my boys and I love their shirts and ties and pants and socks. &Collar socks are my go-to on the bike as well because they stay in place, look great, and have a nice bit of compression.

“Why can’t I make a dress shirt out of athletic material?” And that is how the idea of &Collar was born.

If you’ve talked to Chris, he’s probably going to mention at some point he has four sons (proud papa). Seeing those boys all looking sharp and comfortable in a dress shirt is a great perk. But, &Collar goes beyond good looks, they also strive for sustainability. Not only do the shirts last longer than anything else I’ve put on a teenager, they’re made with certified recycled plastic.

Finish line raffle at Albia, Pisgah and Glenwood

To help us celebrate this new sponsorship, &Collar is providing gift certificates and socks for us to give away at our finish line raffle. We’ll also be sending out a promotional code for 10% off any purchase on their website. Like we say as often as we can, it’s just one more way we try to make it a great day in and out of the saddle for those on the Iowa Gravel Series.

Upcoming races:

Albia Holy Cow

July 15th, 2023

Soldier Cuttoff Hillduro

August 19th, 2023

Glenwood Gravel Grinder

September 16th, 2023

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