Cyclists riding through a canyon on gravel bicycles.

Gravel that hasn’t forgotten grassroots

There area a lot of options when it comes to riding and racing your



per race

Marked course

1 Project

20 GB Disk Space

Tech Support

Free Updates

Race support


per race

20 Designer Files

5 Project

40 GB Disk Space

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Full Season


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100 Designer Files

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100 km / 62 mi
  • Clearly marked route
  • GPX Files provide
  • Hammer goodie bag
  • Printable queue sheet
  • Aid Stations
  • Event photography
50 km / 31 mi
  • Clearly marked route
  • GPX Files provide
  • Printable queue sheet
  • Aid Stations
  • Event photography

The season starts off in Silver City Iowa

All of the rides on the Iowa Gravel Series are friendly to new and experienced riders; and Silver City is again the perfect introduction for 2022. Not too hilly, not too flat, a few surprises, and an amazing community that loves cyclists and welcomes them everyday on the Wabash Trace. Not only that, but how many Iowa towns with a population of 250 people have a bike shop (go say “hi” to Mary at Happy Trails, she’s amazing)?!? Not that many…

We think Silver City is pretty special and we know you’re going to love the roads. So, come ride with us and start the 2022 season off with a great day in the saddle.

50 km100 km
DateSaturday May 14thSaturday May 14th
Start time8:00AM7:30AM
Start locationDowntown Silver CityDowntown Silver City
Distance50 km / 31 mi100 km / 62 mi
Climbing elevationAbout 1600 ftAbout 3600 ft
Meal OptionEl PortonEl Porton
PodiumNo, ride onlyYes

2022 Routes

Here are the links to the routes on RideWithGPS. We do mark the routes for both the 100km and 50km, but sometimes shenanigans happen, so please refer to the route in case a sign gets moved, stolen, or adjusted.

Route.GPX (Most GPS).FIT (Garmin)Cue Sheet
100KM route on RideWithGPSDownloadDownloadPDF
50KM route on RideWithGPSDownloadDownloadPDF

Event Details

  • May 13th – Packet pickup available at Happy Trails Cycle from 6:00 to 8:00PM

  • May 14th

    6:00AM – Race team setup

    6:30AM – Check-in opens for packet pickup at the gazebo in the park. No same day registration available.

    7:30AM – 100km Group start. If you want to race, you’ll need to be in the group start.

    7:00 to 7:45 – 100km Open start. If you’re not interested in racing and want to social distance, you can start anytime in this window.

    8:00AM – 50km group start. This distance has no podium; it’s only a ride. But, if you want to start with the group, this when it will leave.

    8:00 to 8:30AM – 50km open start

    8:00AM – First aid station in Macedonia’s Old Town Park opens

    9:00AM – Second aid station in Willow Slough opens

    12:00 to 12:30PM – Podium announcement and prizes awarded. We’re not going to make a big deal of this. Winners will also be announced on Social Media.

    12:15PM – First aid station closes

    1:00PM – Second aid station closes

    2:00PM – SAG vehicle begins sweep of routes. Once the SAG vehicle passed you, you’re on your own for the race. Directional signs will be pulled from course and you’ll need to navigate on your own.

    3:00PM – SAG vehicle returns to the start/finish line and we take everything down. Start thinking about all the cool stuff we’ll do the rest of the season. 🙂

  • Week of May 16th – Start looking for links to results and photos in your inbox!


PlaceBibNameAgeAge GroupChipTime DivsionRace
1.176Pappas, Kari3:42:12Women’s100K
1.122Wait, Jonathan37Male 35-393:00:09Men’s100K
2.133Johnson, Jacob37Male 35-393:03:58+3:50Men’s100K
3.112Loewens, Travis41Male 40-443:05:09+5:02Men’s100K
4.109Holst, David30Male 30-343:05:19+5:10Men’s100K
5.178Johnson, Brian3:07:37+7:26Men’s100K
6.149Morin, Stephen41Male 40-443:10:35+10:26Men’s100K
7.145Kirkpatrick, Ryan42Male 40-443:21:08+21:00Men’s100K
8.102Zambrano, Jose43Male 40-443:29:07+28:58Men’s100K
9.144Steinhoff, Matt40Male 40-443:30:45+30:40Men’s100K
10.129Muller, Nicholas42Male 40-443:36:46+36:39Men’s100K
11.135Dunlap, Greg48Male 45-493:39:17+39:11Men’s100K
12.125Gilbert, Zach34Male 30-343:48:22+48:23Men’s100K
13.105Hare, Mark40Male 40-443:48:39+48:31Men’s100K
14.146Sprenkel, Chris42Male 40-443:48:45+48:36Men’s100K
15.139Laughlin, Jason47Male 45-493:49:11+49:03Men’s100K
16.126Pilliard, Lowell19Male 15-193:54:48+54:42Men’s100K
17.147Garvin, Scott36Male 35-393:54:57+54:53Men’s100K
18.104Acevedo, Manuel50Male 50-543:57:37+57:27Men’s100K
19.140Ramsey, Todd56Male 55-593:58:22+58:20Men’s100K
20.179Buscher, Shane4:02:48+1:02:44Men’s100K
21.127Klenske, Thomas63Male 60-644:04:14+1:04:04Men’s100K
22.134Dencklau, corey48Male 45-494:10:59+1:10:50Men’s100K
23.148Eichler, Paul48Male 45-494:11:19+1:11:16Men’s100K
24.132congdon, christopher55Male 55-594:11:42+1:11:31Men’s100K
25.138Montanez, Ian51Male 50-544:17:24+1:17:19Men’s100K
26.107Chacon, Carlo50Male 50-544:24:09+1:24:02Men’s100K
27.142Tellinghuisen, Seth18Male 15-194:24:56+1:24:49Men’s100K
28.143Maschmeier, Mack35Male 35-394:31:14+1:31:20Men’s100K
29.130Kuncl, Adam32Male 30-344:38:40+1:38:35Men’s100K
30.131Kavan, Michael62Male 60-644:38:42+1:38:35Men’s100K
31.120adams, nathan49Male 45-494:45:01+1:45:05Men’s100K
32.119Spencer, Brian43Male 40-444:45:02+1:45:06Men’s100K
33.123Smith, Craig53Male 50-544:45:15+1:45:39Men’s100K
34.111Drey, Alec30Male 30-345:41:15+2:41:15Men’s100K
35.177Pastwa, Dan5:41:15+2:41:15Men’s100K
36.128Vanderbilt, Tom50Male 50-545:51:19+2:51:15Men’s100K
37.124Moen, Jason42Male 40-445:51:15+2:51:15Men’s100K
38.121Brinkman, Greg29Male 25-296:42:18+3:42:15Men’s100K
39.137Kroos, Harry66Male 65-696:45:11+3:45:15Men’s100K
1.167Ullmann, Kayla33Female 30-342:20:19Women’s50K
2.166Epley, Robyn35Female 35-392:31:52+11:26Women’s50K
3.116Gearhart, Chloe30Female 30-342:34:51+14:25Women’s50K
4.171Blow, Paige32Female 30-343:05:09+44:53Women’s50K
1.168Ullmann, Tim33Male 30-342:00:07Men’s50K
2.155Scotton, Matt53Male 50-542:07:04+6:52Men’s50K
3.159Morgan, Todd43Male 40-442:21:09+20:54Men’s50K
4.160Knott, Toby43Male 40-442:21:09+20:54Men’s50K
5.153Paskach, Greg43Male 40-442:24:59+24:51Men’s50K
6.165Epley, Cole35Male 35-392:31:54+31:39Men’s50K
7.169McMickell, Rob34Male 30-342:31:54+31:41Men’s50K
8.170Lane, Bill35Male 35-393:05:07+1:05:03Men’s50K
9.164Polensky, Warren44Male 40-443:11:58+1:11:44Men’s50K
10.150Stultz, Paul66Male 65-693:12:47+1:12:31Men’s50K
11.162Whitlow, Danny53Male 50-543:12:48+1:12:33Men’s50K
12.158Rubin, Steven60Male 60-643:26:44+1:26:35Men’s50K
13.157Neary, R.j69Male 65-693:31:55+1:31:44Men’s50K
14.154Young, Norise61Male 60-643:46:28+1:46:19Men’s50K